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kitchen after refurbishment for property investing


Client: Property investor

Duration of project: 4 weeks

End use: Buy-to-let (long term tenants)

Our team took on the challenge of refurbishing a neglected 3-bedroom ex-council terraced house that needed significant attention. To put it mildly, it was a real fixer-upper!

The client had a clear vision – they wanted a higher-quality finish, especially in the kitchen. We delivered on this by installing elegant white marble-effect worktops and complementing them with striking blue units. Moreover, we carefully preserved and adorned the wooden wall paneling in one of the bedrooms, adding a touch of character to the space.

During the project, we encountered an unexpected hurdle in the garden – a tangle of large roots near the house that could not be ignored. Our solution? Promptly removing these roots to ensure the property's structural integrity and future appeal.

Our design concept aimed not only to address the property's issues but also to enhance its overall appeal. The end result not only met but exceeded expectations, with the property being valued at a higher price than previously anticipated.

Originally projected to take 6 weeks, our dedicated team worked efficiently and completed the project in just 4 weeks. This speedy turnaround demonstrates our commitment to delivering results promptly without compromising on quality.

For a visual journey of this remarkable transformation, please refer to the before-and-after pictures below.

before picture of a lounge refurbishment
before picture of a kitchen refurbishment
before picture of a bathroom refurbishment
after photo of kitchen property refurbishment
after photo of kitchen property refurbishment
after photo of bedroom property refurbishment
after photo of bedroom property refurbishment
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