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The UK’s best buy to let property sourcer, welcoming people to his website

TPG's journey began with a simple act of generosity. Pat, our founder, who has been investing since 2010, assisted his brother in creating a portfolio in Liverpool. This experience sparked an idea. Seeing firsthand how challenges like time constraints and lack of local knowledge prevented his brother from investing alone, Pat realised he could make a significant difference for many.

At TPG, our mission is crystal clear: to help you achieve financial security through hands-free property investment. We are more than just a property sourcing company; we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients through a service that not only meets but also exceeds our clients' expectations.

Since our inception, TPG has guided numerous clients to financial security. We secure high-yielding properties that maximise cash flow and ensure they are located in prime areas for capital appreciation. Our impact is measured by the success stories and case studies from our clients who have transformed their investment dreams into reality.

"What stood out with Total Property was their all-encompassing service. They handled everything, giving me peace of mind to focus on my own business," Andrew H, Hands-free Property Investor.

Client happy with services we offer here at our property investment company

Imagine a world where property investment isn't reserved only for experts or locals but is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Welcome to TPG, where we make this vision a reality.

Are you ready to embark on a property investment journey to financial security, backed by Pat's expertise? Join the TPG family today, and let's build your Liverpool portfolio, hands-free.


Trapped in the corporate grind, I endured a relentless cycle of long hours and exhaustive deadlines. I was merely trading my time for money, and despite my hard work, my savings never seemed to grow, as they were being eroded by inflation. I had no wealth, no financial security, and if I lost my job, I'd be broke within weeks.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, reality struck. What if I fell ill and I could no longer work? Without a plan B, no alternative income stream, a lacklustre pension, and no legacy for my children, I realised I needed to be tethered to the rat race indefinitely.

The UK’s best buy to let property sourcer, welcoming people to his website

Warren Buffett's wise words resonated with me:

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

This epiphany made me realise property investment was my plan B, marking the start of a new chapter aimed at securing my family's financial future.

A client enjoying the benefits of what property investment Liverpool can give you

My transformative journey in property investment began in 2010 with my first purchase. Those nights once reserved for leisure were now dedicated to learning, building connections in the industry, and investing in property. I sacrificed holidays and social events, focusing entirely on this new passion for years.

But the path was fraught with challenges. My initial steps into property investment were tough, filled with mistakes like buying the wrong property type and getting the numbers wrong. I battled against slow solicitors who killed deals, mortgage brokers who gave bad advice, and rogue builders who caused more issues than they solved—each obstacle a lesson, pushing me closer to my goal of financial independence.

Through years of dedication, I've mastered a spectrum of property strategies, culminating in a robust investment model and a trusted team of professionals that I call my ‘Power Team’. Our collective expertise has turned obstacles into opportunities for growth.

I selected my hometown, Liverpool, as the focal point for my investments, not just because I could leverage my local knowledge and connections. My choice was primarily driven by a firm belief that property investment Liverpool is the best place in the world to invest, owing to its perfect blend of property investment attributes

Royal Liver Building

Now, with a significant portfolio, I enjoy passive income and the freedom to choose how I work and live. My transition from corporate exhaustion to investment success now serves as a blueprint for others. You can bypass the steep learning curve, the challenges and the substantial time investment that building a profitable portfolio requires; utilise my property sourcing company to fast-track your path to financial independence.

So, if you're at a crossroads, eager to create your plan B, get in touch. I'm here to guide you toward financial security, to help you build your future on a foundation of solid investment. Let's embark on this journey together.


Our power team is a key element that ensures all aspects of your investments are taken care of in a professional manner.  The team has been formed over many years and consists of tried and tested experts within their respective fields.

​As well as being a property sourcer Liverpool, we also project manage any refurbishments that are needed. Our team includes professionals tradesmen, solicitors, finance brokers, surveyors, architects, accountants and letting agents.​

team professionals for investing properties
team professionals for investing properties


Good tradespeople are like gold dust! At TPG we are constantly building our team of great trades from joiners to decorators and carpet fitters. After sourcing your Liverpool investment property, we create a schedule of works for each project to get the job started on the right foot and use the right people for the job.


1 in 3 property sales fall through and this is largely due to a lack of good communication via solicitors. If you find a good solicitor, keep them close and never let them go! At TPG we work closely with a couple of great solicitor firms who have years of experience in buy to let properties in the UK and ensure the conveyancing process runs smoothly.


Everyone's financial situation is different and each mortgage lender has its own criteria for whom they will lend to. If this doesn't make things complex enough, mortgage lenders also constantly change their criteria and their offers. But there's no need to worry because our tried and tested mortgage brokers are amazing and there's literally nothing they don't know about mortgages. They sort everything out so you can sit back and relax


As a piece of mind, some clients like to get a RICS surveyor to visit the property and provide a HomeBuyers Level 2 report on the property. A lot of surveyors currently have a long waiting list. This is not ideal for investors looking to move fast. TPG have recommended surveyors who can jump on most surveys within a few days.


A good managing agent is key to ensuring your investment is passive. Dealing with tenants is a skilled job and requires great people skills. Additionally, a good managing agent will ensure that you remain compliant and adhere to any new regulations that come into play.


Wondering whether you should purchase your BTL in your own name or within a Ltd Company? This decision usually comes down to tax and speaking with a good property tax accountant will ensure you are making good decisions from the start and maximising your profits. Pat has also written a blog about this; Explore more in this related blog post!

The Power Team


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