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frequently asked questions for property investing
  • Do I need a property sourcer in Liverpool?
    A lot of people understand the benefits buy to let property investing in Liverpool but they don’t have the time or experience that successful property investing requires. It can also be difficult to invest in an area if you don’t live nearby. A good property sourcer in Liverpool will use their skills and experience to look after everything for you to ensure your investment is a success and as passive as possible.
  • What does a property sourcer do?
    A good property deal sourcer in the UK knows where the good investment areas are, conducts viewings, conducts due diligence on deals, accurately present deals to clients, case manages properties through conveyancing, project manages refurbishments, oversees the lettings process, builds and maintains relationships with local professionals including agents, builders, solicitors, broker, surveyors, architects. In a nutshell, they will look after everything for you to ensure your investment property in Liverpool is a massive success.
  • Is a property sourcer different from an estate agent?
    A property deal sourcer acts for the buyer, whereas an estate agent acts for the seller. An estate agent trys to sell any property that they find whereas a good property sourcer in Liverpool will find good buy to let investment properties, negotiate the best possible price and present a brochure to their client. A property deal sourcer's work does not end here - next they will case manage the property through conveyancing, project manage any refurbishment and oversee the lettings process. They will make sure you buy and correctly setup a rental property in Liverpool.
  • How do you find good investment properties?
    We search the whole market by conducting online marketing, offline marketing, we work with local estate agents and we network with landlords looking to sell.
  • What type of properties do you source?
    We specialise in sourcing terraced properties that offer high yields, require a light refurb and rent to a long term tenant It’s the most passive and most reliable type of property investing These properties are ready to rent with speed and provide reliable cash flow One of the key benefits of my approach is that we keep the upfront cash required to a minimum
  • What area do you cover?
    We property sourcing agents in Liverpool, UK and the surrounding areas. Liverpool is currently going through a regeneration renaissance. There is currently £14 billion of planned/ongoing regeneration within Liverpool. Historically, regeneration projects have been the main driver to lifting house prices in an area. Therefore Liverpool is currently attracting investors from around the world.
  • How do you calculate the value of a property?
    The value of a property is determined by looking at local comparable properties which are on the market and also properties that have sold recently. Local knowledge also goes a long way when valuing properties.
  • How do you calculate rents?
    Rental income is calculated by looking at local comparable properties which are on the market to rent and also by looking through our data of recently rented properties in the area. Local knowledge goes a long way when knowing what rent to charge.
  • Can you recommend tried and tested brokers, solicitors, agents, architects?
    Yes, as a benefit of signing up to become a client of Total Property Group, we will give you access to our full power team to ensure all aspects of your investments are taken care of in a professional manner. The team has been formed over many years and consists of tried and tested experts within their respective fields. ​Our team includes professionals tradesmen, solicitors, finance brokers, surveyors, architects and letting agents.​
  • How much do you need to get started in property investing?
    To invest in property you might not need as much as you think. Mortgage Purchases To begin investing with us, it's essential to have sufficient funds to cover various expenses, including the mortgage deposit, stamp duty land tax, legal fees, refurbishment costs (if applicable), and the sourcing fee. We advise that the minimum cash requirement to collaborate with us is £45,000. However, having access to a larger sum would grant you access to a broader spectrum of the market. This estimated amount encompasses all associated costs. Cash Purchases If you are buying with cash you will need a minimum of approximately £110,000
  • Are property sourcers regulated?
    Yes we are. Property sourcers take a fee from the buyer therefore it is important that the property sourcer is fully compliant and registered with: ✅ Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance ✅ Registered with the ICO Data Protection Officer ✅ Registered with Anti-Money Laundering Supervision ✅ Member of the Property Redress Scheme
  • How will you ensure my investment is successful?
    With £ millions in successful property acquisitions, we've consistently helped clients achieve financial security. Our experience guides our data-driven strategy to identify properties with high yield and growth potential, aiming to secure your investment's success.


We are trusted by investors worldwide to help them build profitable property portfolios. If you are looking to start your property investing journey or continue building a large portfolio, we can help you.

Our service is designed to help you build wealth through property investing without you having to lift a finger. We have tried to make it as simple and as straightforward as possible so you can effortlessly achieve your property goals, no matter your situation.

We use our skills, experience, and local contacts to make sure that your investment is set up correctly from the start so that it will thrive for years to come.

Although investing in property is exciting it can also sometimes be overwhelming because there is a lot to know and learn. Naturally, this means there can be a lot of questions. For example, how are property sourcers different to estate agents? Or you might be wondering what the minimum amount of cash required to invest is.

So, we have compiled all the most frequently asked questions into the list below to help our followers understand what we do and how it all works.

Hopefully, you will find the answers you need below. If you don’t find the answers to your questions or you just fancy a friendly chat on the phone, click the buttons below to schedule a call. Or you can click the WhatsApp button and just fire some quick questions directly across to Pat.

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