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Why Liverpool is Good for Buy-to-Lets

Updated: Apr 4

The Beatles in front of Liver Buildings

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Liverpool is world-famous for its football, being the birthplace of The Beatles and more recently its property investing!

There are many reasons to buy property in Liverpool, here are some of the best - see for yourself if it's right for you:

Liverpool has the Best Rental Yields

If you're looking for fantastic investment opportunities then look no further than Liverpool. The rental yields are the highest out of all UK major cities. It is easy to see why investors are clamouring to purchase property in the city with its cheap house prices and high rental returns.

When it comes to the UK's top cities for buy-to-let property Liverpool is consistently at the top of the ‘rental yield’ table for its rental market profitability.

Due to regeneration, Liverpool is becoming a more desirable place to live as each year goes by. This is attracting loads of people to move to the area. As a major UK port, Liverpool benefits from both a strong service economy and a rich natural resource of history. Several major investment companies are now looking to Liverpool as their marquee choice for new growth.

Liverpool has Cheap Houses

Liverpool offers great value for money. This is a city with vast potential, and rates highly when compared to other property prices in the U.K. This makes it an ideal city for investors to buy into.

Property in Liverpool is cheaper than most major UK cities which can work in your favour if you're looking to grow your property portfolio: Low entry point and high-profit potential attract investors from around the globe.

The Liverpool Rental Market is Booming

People queueing up

Due to the lack of housing, the supply of rental properties is at an all-time low. This is naturally causing demand for buy-to-let properties to rise and subsequently also the rental values. Landlords are making a healthy return and for good reason.

Additionally, Liverpool is home to the best universities which attract 70,000 students, which comes with a large demand for housing. There are amazing business opportunities within the city which attract recent graduates and young professionals to stay in Liverpool post-graduation.

Liverpool has a vast array of Hospitals / Medical Centres which also provides thousands of job opportunities and increases rental demand for housing.

Liverpool Has High Property Price Growth

Liverpool has witnessed double-digit growth over the past 2 years.

Savills, one of the largest UK residential property consultancy firms, has just published their new House Price Forecasts for major regions of the U.K over the next 5 years. The North West has been revealed to be the top-performing region, with Liverpool leading the way once again as one of the most popular locations to invest in property.

Liverpool has Loads of Regeneration Projects

Regeneration and construction

For the past ten years, Liverpool has undergone an influx of public and private investment providing much-needed upgrades to transportation networks, housing, and retail spaces.

A huge £14 billion worth of investment is currently planned to be invested in Liverpool.

New investment opportunities in Liverpool will also mean that Liverpool property prices have a lot of room to grow. The explosive growth in the city will ensure both new homeowners and landlords will be reaping great rewards which they would not see anywhere else.

Liverpool is back. Investment in the city has been snowballing over the past two years, bringing new jobs and many exciting new prospects for property investors.

Ready to Build Wealth Through Property Investing?

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